Calm Abiding

Besides settling the mind, mindfulness meditation develops a certain kind of strength, a sort of mindfulness muscle, and cultivates stability so that every thought doesn’t drag us out of the room. Hostile thoughts, sexual thoughts, thoughts about ice-cream don’t just drag us away. We are able to be steady and present with whatever arises in our mind – that’s why this practice is also known as calm abiding. ~ David Nichtern


  1. Love it. These days, I am so much more aware of my thoughts as they arise.

    Then, as the observer, I decide what to do with each:

    1. Let it go.
    2. File for future reference.
    3. Act on it.
    4. Other.

    Thanks, Debra

    1. Agreed when the thoughts arise….and to understand before they settle…it does bring a small smile to one’s face. this realization.

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